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Top Gear Movie Review In Telugu: Even though Crazy Fellow performed poorly at the box office, Adi Saikumar has produced nearly five films this year and will soon release an action thriller. On the other hand, the Top Gear video piques viewers’ interest and encourages them to watch the film. Adi Saikuamar, the film’s marketing, is also going at a snail’s pace. First, let’s determine if Top Gear is truly worth your time.

Top Gear Movie Review In Telugu


Arjun possesses many skills for a middle-class cab driver (Adi Saikumar). Still, a series of murders have occurred in the city, leading the authorities to suspect that an odd man named David is the murderer. Arjun’s life is irrevocably altered after he witnesses a murder, and now both the police and the thugs are following him. Where did Arjun begin his investigation about how to solve this puzzle? Who exactly is this David? The film should demonstrate this.

Cast & Crew

Famous actors like as Riya Suman, Brahmaji, Satyam Rajesh, Mime Gopi, Aadi Saikumar, and Shatru Sai Sriram appeared in the film. Harshavardhan Rameshwar of Sri Dhanalakshmi Productions composed the soundtrack, and KV Sridhar Reddy was in charge of production.

Movie NameTop Gear
Music DirectorHarshavardhan Rameshwar
ProducerKV Sridhar Reddy
GenreAction Thriller
CastAadi Saikumar, Riya Suman, Brahmaji, Shatru, Satyam Rajesh, Mime Gopi
CinematographySai Sriram

Movie Verdict

The premise of Top Gear is that all competitions occur in a single evening. I concur that even considering it is absurd. The book begins with a series of fatalities, followed by some fascinating information about the main character’s past and how he builds his own world. Even though the entire film is a commercial, there are some frightening scenes. Still, the intermission surprise is a huge delight, and the numerous murder mystery plots keep the audience engaged. This increases the likelihood that people will watch the second half of the film, even if they dislike the slow pace created by repeated sequences such as the hero’s family track and harsh music.

Even if the second half of the film has numerous flaws, things improve when we learn that the protagonist witnessed a murder and is being pursued by police and goons. Who is he, exactly? Although the point may have been expressed more clearly, the tension was maintained effectively. The film features numerous plot holes, yet the suspense and smart dialogue keep the audience engaged.

In addition to convincingly portraying a young woman from a traditional upbringing, Riya Suman exudes elegance and sweetness. Arjun, the taxi driver, is portrayed by Adi Saikumar. He does an excellent job with his body language and how he delivers his words, but he fails miserably when he’s supposed to appear fearful and anxious. Shatru, Brahmaji, and Mime Gopi excel in their respective roles.

The concept underlying Top Gear is rational. Since the most of the film takes place at night, there was a missed opportunity to make it darker. Even though his songs did not do well, Harshavardhan Rameshwar was pleased with the film score he composed. Similarly, the rest of the technical team did an excellent job ensuring that the message was conveyed.

Shashikanth performed admirably as a director. His screenplay is excellent, but the film’s pacing, especially in the second act, needs improvement. The film’s shortcomings are more than made up for by its engaging plot and mounting tension.

Top Gear is a popular action thriller that many people enjoy.

Plus Points:

  • Racy Screenplay
  • Twists

Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Predictable Scenes
  • Lack of Emotion

Rating: 2.5/5

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