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Butterfly Telugu Movie Review : Anupama Parameswaran debuted in Telugu films with “A Aa” and immediately rose to fame as a teen idol. She did, however, encounter a few issues due to her writing style. She collaborated with Nikhil on the hit film “Karthikeya 2” and the critically acclaimed film “18 Pages,” which is still in theatres.

Butterfly Telugu Movie ReviewThe latest film “Butterfly” by Anupama Parameswaran is currently accessible on the Hotstar platform. Let’s examine the direct-to-digital release “Butterfly” by Anupama to determine if it is effective in making people laugh.


Geetha is a self-sufficient woman who conducts herself with grace. She adores her sister and her children. She was responsible for her sister’s children while she was away for a few days. Geetha becomes involved in the case after her sister’s children disappear without explanation. She continues to probe and uncovers frightening information about her neighbours. In the interim, the “Butterfly” plan is implemented. The remainder of the narrative focuses on determining the relationship between these kidnappings and operation “Butterfly.”

Cast & Crew

Butterfly stars Anupama Parameswaran as the main heroine. Additionally, Bhumika Chawla, Rao Ramesh, Praveen, and Nihal Kodhaty play significant roles. The writer and director of this film is Ghanta Satish Babu. Under the banner Gen’nexT Movies, Ravi Prakash Bodapati, Prasad Tiruvalluri, and Pradeep Nallimelli produced the film. The music was composed by Arviz and Gideon Katta, and Sameer Reddy was responsible for the photography. The dialogue was composed by Dakshin Srinivass.

Movie NameButterfly
DirectorGhanta Satish Babu
Music DirectorArviz & Gideon Katta
ProducerRavi Prakash Bodapati, Prasad Tiruvalluri, Pradeep Nallimelli
GenreMystery, Thriller
CastAnupama Parameswaran, Bhumika Chawla, Rao Ramesh, Praveen, Nihal Kodhaty
CinematographySameer Reddy

Movie Verdict

Gen’nexT Movies is the business that produced the critically acclaimed horror thriller “Mantra,” which starred Charmi Kaur and spawned a number of similar films. When one of these companies produces a film, we know it will have an intriguing plot and a unique filming style.

The plot of “Butterfly” lacks high-octane excitement. Instead, it focuses on a single, simplistic theme that is handled in a tedious manner. Even though the film was the appropriate length for its genre, the manner it was told and constructed failed to engage the viewer. In a thriller film, the audience will undoubtedly anticipate unexpected turns and twists. This may assist people in forgetting the film’s shortcomings. However, “Butterfly” fails to hold the audience’s interest and lacks inventive twists. The film’s tragic conclusion makes it difficult to continue watching.

Anupama Parameswaran’s portrayal of Geetha is natural, however she struggled with a few emotionally intense sequences. However, she deserves kudos for attempting to carry the entire film with her performance. Nihal Kodhaty began his artistic career as a young man. He performed a crucial role in this film and did an excellent job. Even though Bhumika Chawla’s role was modest, she performed admirably. Rao Ramesh has already performed similar characters, thus he is not bothered by this one. Everyone else performed admirably with the roles they were given.

The technical aspects of Butterfly appear to be satisfactory. The background music by Arviz and Gideon Katta complements and enhances the moments, although Sameer Reddy’s cinematography falls short of his intentions. He had previously demonstrated his cinematography skills in major motion pictures, yet the imagery in this film resemble those of short films. The narrative is presented in a clear manner with excellent editing and production.

This is Ghanta Satish Babu’s debut film as a full-time director; he had previously served as an assistant director on a few other films. The entire film demonstrates how little he knew about making sequences more engaging. He could have given more attention to creating memorable events that held the audience’s interest.

Butterfly is primarily a frightening film with only a few interesting moments. If you have a Hotstar subscription and enjoy thrillers, you may immediately view this film.

Plus Points:

  • Anupama Parameswaran
  • Background Music

Minus Points:

  • No Thrills

Rating: 2.5/5

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