Top 10 Telugu Horror Movies of All Time

Horror is an emotion which thrills us, When we think about horror movies in telugu. The first thought that comes in mind is RGV horror movies or the trend setter Arundathi. Tollywood has been innovative and evolved a lot in filming horror movies. From the 80’s Kashmora to Bhaagamathie the tollywood industry has evolved wonderfully. With Suspense, Elements of a masala movie in it, With better cast and crew and Sound CGI. Horror movies in our industry has evolved wonderfully.

So here are the list of horror movies which keeps you on the edge of the seat.

Top 10 Telugu Horror Movies

1. Tripura:

The story revolves around Tripura, a girl who has a disorder of dreaming things or events which happen to her in real life as well. She falls for a doctor named Naveen, who is also treating her of the ailment, they marry and move into a new house. One fine day, she dreams of killing her husband, and things become scary. Add a murder, a ghostly spirit which intends to kill its murderer and the perpetrator of the crime, and the whole story becomes a relatable yet a little boring in the middle. The plot promises a lot, yet the execution is not up to the mark which makes Tripura a diminishing and predictable movie.

2. Avunu and Avunu 2:

The first instalment depicts two newly weds, Mohini and Harsha who’ve moved into a newly purchased house, only to know that there’s been an evil spirit of a deceased Captain Raju who has gotten infatuated with Mohini and also eliminates anyone who crosses its way. They leave the house in search of a new one as the movie ends. The second installment picks right from where the first one ends, with an amulet around Mohini’s neck, Mohini and Harsha have settled down in a posh new locality. Captain Raju has also followed them and the amulet is the only thing that can stop Captain Raju’s spirit from forcing him upon Mohini. Avunu is good, but it is good only in parts.

3. Deyyam:

Now to the main roster RGV movie after Raatri. Deyyam is far scarier than the first one. The story begins with Murali and Sindhu, a married couple moving into a thrown away farmhouse along with their 3-year-old son Chinni and Sindhu’s sister Mahi. As the story progresses, Chinni starts talking to ghosts and is eventually killed, after which the couple comes to know that the property had been built upon a graveyard which is causing all the killings and disappearances. The film is open-ended, and we don’t know whether Mahi and her boyfriend Narsingh survive the volley of ghosts coming to them

4. Raju Gari Gadhi 2:

Though the first installment fails to impress, yet it sets the tone of the movie which is more or less continued in the second installment. The story begins with a group of 3 friends who’re trying to run a resort business . On the recommendations from a local priest, they hire a mentalist Rudra, who can communicate with spirits and can ward off any evil activity. As Rudra finds out that a girl named Amrutha was subject to some incident in the very resort after communicating with her spirit, he nails down on the perpetrators and frees the resort from her vengeful spirit. For the fans of Nagarjuna and Samantha, this becomes a must watch. For the rest, ‘Raju Gari Gadhi 2’ guarantees less of horror and more of the drama.

5. Prema Katha Chithram:

Three friends, Sudheer, Nandhitha and Praveen decide to do suicide. They gather at a farmhouse where they are joined by Giri, and they find that an evil spirit has possessed Nanditha which seeks justice. The evil spirit is that of a girl named Lakshmi who was sexually assaulted and killed along with her husband on their wedding night by the owners of the farmhouse. Prema Katha Chitram offers a breath of fresh air among the otherwise stale genre of movies, which sets it apart from its competitors.

6. Gruham:

Gruham is one of the best horror movies in recent times. A happily newly wed couple have moved into a new apartment near the foothills of the Himalayas. Their neighbours, Paul and his family have moved in recently and both the families gel well until Paul’s daughter is seemingly possessed by an evil spirit and needs the help of an exorcist. The moments of horror come to you like a shock and the edge-of-the-seat thrill is beyond captivating.

7. Arundathi:

A movie that got fame to Anushka. . Belonging to the fantasy-horror genre, the present day Arundhati realises that she’s the exact replica of her great great grandmother Jejjamma of the Raja of Gadwal. After digging in further, she discovers the truth around Jejjamma’s rivalry with Pasupathi – a womanizer, rapist and murderer, whose evil spirit lurks to this day and can only be killed by a girl of jejjamma’s own race and physical attributes using a dagger made out of her skeletal remains. The rest of the story follows the confrontations between Arundhati and Pasupathi. This movie has received 10 nandi awards, 2 Film Fare awards and numerous other awards for its wonderful CGI, performances, and designs.




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