AP Govt YSR Jagan Reddy Schemes in October

Agricultural Land distribution to tribal people 

Andhra Pradesh Govt has decided to distribute agricultural land to tribal people who have been residing in forest areas for a long time now. It’s estimated that around 96.98 acres of forest agricultural land will be allotted to tribal people on 2nd October as a mark of Gandhi Jayanthi.

Vijayawada District collector on Monday announced in this regard and ordered forest department authorities to scrutinize the beneficiaries and make sure that beneficiaries get the forest lands.  The tribal people cleared the forest land and started cultivation.  

Amma Vodi Accounts credited on 5th, October

AP Govt said the Amma Vodi amount Rs. 15,000/- will be credited to every mother on 5th October. Amma Vodi scheme is one of the Navarathanalu to help every economically poor mother who can’t afford to send their kids to schools to pursue education. 

This scheme will help the parents send their children to schools without financial burdens.

Most of the kids leave the schools in the middle of their academic year and do not complete their schooling due to the kids being made to employ at workplaces by their parents. To uplift the financial burdens on poor people, Andhra Pradesh Govt has come forward with Amma Vodi Scheme to cater to economically poor people.  

You can get more information in this regard at the official website jaganannaammavodi.ap.gov.in

Cheyutha loan amount 56k credited  

AP Govt will credit the loan amount Rs. 56,000/- to every woman on 6th October. This empowers women and makes women self-reliant financially.  Women can get into business with this amount.

Jagananna Thodu Rs. 10000 be credited to Street Vendors

AP Govt will credit interest-free loan of Rs. 10000/- to street vendors, artisans, handcrafts through banks. AP governments’ Jagananna Thodu scheme aimed to help small traders who are struggling financially.

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