Anamika Mishra Speaks Up on Mental Health for the First Time

Today is World Mental Health Day and it is a perfect time to spread awareness about the well-being of Mental health in humans. There are a lot of people talking about this and trying to spread awareness as this is indeed a tough time for everyone. Due to pandemic, people have lost lives; many are struggling to work and earn money, family conflicts have increased, and whatnot. All this has majorly affected the mental well-being.

Anamika Mishra
Anamika Mishra

A recent research stated that the cases of depression and anxiety have increased to 35% this year due to pandemic.

Anamika Mishra released a video on World Mental Health Day on her official youtube channel and Facebook. This video is going viral as she has spoken about her personal loses and experience of battling depression in it. She revealed that she lost her parents but she never spoke anything publically, although her life is like an open book as she is a social media influencer and have lakhs of fans on internet. She is an award-winning author and India’s top lifestyle and travel blogger. She is also a international speaker and have been associated with various famous brands and companies.

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In her video, she said “I am not a mental health expert or a doctor but I am just a simple girl who have been through those dark lanes of pain and know how scary it is. Everyone has their own set of battles which they fight every day. What we need to do as humans? We just need to be kind to people everyone we meet. Most of the people pretend that they are fine, even when they are not. That’s okay if they don’t share”.

This is true. Not everyone who going through a state of depression feels like sharing it. Depression does not look like what we see in movies. Mostly it’s like, people pretend that they are fine and laugh and dance when surrounded by people, but when they are alone, they just sit numb for hours and cry and sulk.

“There is a lack of kindness around us, especially on social media. People are bullying, being rude and talking sarcastically, it’s such a bad thing. It’s wrong. People need to be kind to anyone and everyone they meet. You don’t know what that person is going through. May it be your house help, or the courier guy who delivered you the package, or the vegetable vendor. A smile costs nothing. An act of kindness costs nothing and that’s why I made this video. I usually don’t speak about all this but I felt this is the time that I should speak up and maybe it will reach masses and bright a wave of kindness in people”, said Anamika Mishra.

Here’s the video that she released on World Mental Health Day

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