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Masooda Movie Review: It’s rare to find producers like Rahul Yadav Nakka. He previously oversaw the productions Malli Rava and Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya, and he is currently in charge of “Masooda.” Making a horror movie these days requires a lot of bravery due to its rarity. People were interested in “Masooda” because of its original teaser and trailer.

Masooda Movie Review


The protagonist of the horror film Masooda is a girl named Nazia, who is seventeen years old. Sangitha, her mother, consults Gopi, their anxious next-door neighbor, for advice. Nazia’s behaviour alters after a visit to “Peer Baba,” though, and this causes conflict between Gopi and Nazia’s mother. Many questions are raised by her peculiar demeanor, and it is revealed during the trial that she is a girl by the name of Masooda. Finally, exactly who is Masooda? What happened to her in the past is the main concern of the movie.

Cast & Crew

It was directed by Sai Kiran and starred Sangitha, Thiruveer, Kavya Kalyan Ram, Subhaleka Sudhakar, Akhila Ram, Bandavi Sridhar, Satyam Rajesh, Satya Prakash, Surya Rao, Surabhi Prabhavathi, and Krishna Teja. Nagesh Banell directed, Prashanth R. Vihari composed, and Jesvin Prasad edited the film.

Movie NameMasooda
DirectorSai Kiran
Music DirectorPrashanth R Vihari
ProducerRahul Yadav Nakka
GenreHorror Drama
CastSangitha, Thiruveer, Kavya Kalyan Ram, Subhaleka Sudhakar, Akhila Ram, Bandavi Sridhar, Satyam Rajesh, Satya Prakash, Surya Rao, Surabhi Prabhavathi, Krishna Teja
CinematographyNagesh Banell

Movie Verdict

Horror was once a well-liked and lucrative subgenre, but as audiences look for fresh material, it has fallen out of favor. Masooda’s attempt to revitalise the horror subgenre was successful because it is not your typical horror story. Despite the movie’s seemingly unremarkable beginning, the tone and plot quickly draw you into Masooda’s world.

As Gopi and Sangeetha tried to heal Nazia’s illness with Peer Baba and conventional medicine in the first act, the dramatic tension grew. These moments produced excellent suspense, which kept the audience interested throughout the first act. The second act of the movie immediately intrigues the audience by gradually exposing all the layers and revealing the plot twists, holding their attention the entire time.

Sai Kiran wanted to make a unique horror movie, but ended up making the best horror thriller ever. His filmmaking technique has the power to emotionally engage viewers and elicit strong reactions.

Despite having a limited budget, Masooda has a high level of technical quality. Everything looks fantastic thanks to Nagesh Banell’s cinematography and the eerie, multi-instrumental score by Prashanth R. Vihari.

One of the best horror movies ever made is Masooda.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Background Score
  • Cinematography

Minus Points:

  • Slow Narration

Rating: 3/5

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