What and When is Ugadi Festival? [Most Religious New Year 2022]

All About Ugadi 2022

when is ugadi and what is ugadi
when is ugadi and what is ugadi

What is Ugadi Festival?

Ugadi is a festival celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated grandly in southern states of India they are Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka. People of these states mainly celebrate the festival Ugadi. On the day of Ugadi, they wake up early in the morning and visit the nearby temple to offer their prayers.

Once returned from the temple, they prepare all the traditional dishes at home and spends time with family members happily. Ugadi Pachadi is a traditional dish prepared in Telugu states and widely consumed in Ugadi. This Ugadi Pachadi is a mix of different flavors and it tastes good as well.

When is Ugadi Festival Celebrated?

Ugadi is normally celebrated when nature changes and some drastic changes occur in nature. to be precise Ugadi is mostly celebrated in the month of March or April every year. Ugadi brings the new year to all the Telugu people. yes, Telugu people consider Ugadi as their new year day and celebrates it and also they prefer to start new business ventures on the day of Ugadi.

In this year 2022, Ugadi Festival has celebrated on March 25th in South India mainly the two Telugu states; Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

So, no you can understand how Telugu people are sentimentally attached to the Ugadi festival and how important is Ugadi festival for them.

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People offer special prayers to their favorite Gods and Goddesses on this day and pray for health and wealth. They believe that offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi on this day will bring them a lot of health and wealth. So Lakshmi Devi temples are heavily crowded on the day of Ugadi.

Hope you have a prosperous day happy Ugadi stay safe stay happy!

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