Everything You Need to Know About Ugadi 2022

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Ugadi 2022

ugadi 2022
ugadi 2022

Ugadi is a Festival Celebrated by Hindus in India. This Ugadi festival is mostly Celebrated in the Southern States Of India, they are Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka. Ugadi means the Starting of Yuga in the Telugu language. People of these states believe that ongoing yuga was started on the day of Ugadi. These people also consider Ugadi as their new year, Because Ugadi brings a change in nature and also in atmospheric conditions.

Ugadi History – Why Ugadi is celebrated?

So they believe nature change can be considered as the beginning of the new year. Telugu people will be having 60 years and on every Ugadi, a new year occurs. these 60 years will be repeated after 60 years is completed.

Ugadi is celebrated grandly in these 3 states. people wake up early in the morning and completes the rituals and also offer prayers to god by visiting the nearby temple. Goddess Lakshmi will be offered special prayers by all devotees on this day.

Ugadi Pachadi – Why Ugadi Pachadi is made?

People prepare a traditional dish called Ugadi Pachadi on this day and they offer it to goddess Lakshmi. after completing prayers all members of the family will consume it and also shares with everyone. They believe that consuming this dish Pachadi will give them health and wealth with blessings of goddess Lakshmi. so they sincerely prepare the dish with hygiene and neatness and offers to god.

What is Vikari Nama Samvatsram?

Ugadi 2022 is named as Vikari Nama Samvatsram. This Ugadi brings the new year to all the Telugu people and the name of this year is Vikari. as I mentioned earlier there 60 different names for Telugu years that occur on every Ugadi. The initial year starts with the name Prabhava and goes till the 60th year and once the cycle is completed, then it keeps on repeating till the end of the ongoing yuga.

Ugadi 2022 is very special to many people as they believe t as the starting day of the new year. Many people will try to start their new ventures on Ugadi and most likely they will buy gold ornaments and motor vehicles etc.

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Final words

Ugadi is also sentimental to many people. we hope this Ugadi may fulfill all your wishes and gives you health and wealth. On the day of Ugadi people usually go to the temple in the evening and listens to an activity called “Panchaga Shravana” which will be performed by the local priest. this will tell us about the future predictions of the year and also predicts the condition based on our Zodiac Sign.

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