Top 10 Tollywood Disaster Movies of all Time

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Tollywood is one of the finest movie industry in India, Tollywood has seen some big movies that came with huge hype but performed way below the expectations at the box office and ended up as a disappointing deal for producers and distributors. Here are the top 10 disaster movies of all time.

Ram charan’s big film toofan, balakrishna’s Parama veer chakra are also in the list.

Here are the Top 10 Tollywood Utter Flop Movies

1. Shakthi

Shakthi, the Jr NTR movie that released in the year 2011 was one among the top releases of that year. Despite having big names on board, the film turned out to be a disappointment and was panned by the critics and the audiences. If reports are to be believed, the film collected 19 crores.

The Budget of the movie is 45crore Rupees, Sold for- 42crores, Loss- 23Crores 

2. LIE

Lie, the Telugu action thriller film with Nithin in the lead role was a big budget venture. The film that also had Arjun Sarja in an equally important role failed to live up to the expectations and it managed to collect around just Rs 10 Crore in the final run.

Budget- 35Crores, Sold For- 34crores, Loss- 24Crores.

3. Orange

Orange, the Ram Charan starrer released in 2011 too had to taste failure at the box office. This one too had come up with huge baggage of expectations but it reportedly managed to collect just Rs 20 crore in the final run.

Budget- 46Crores Sold For- 46Crores, Loss- 26Crores.

4. Puli

Puli that released in 2010 came from the team of SJ Suryah and Pawan Kalyan that delivered the blockbuster movie Khushi. However, this high octane entertainer failed to meet the expectations of the Telugu audiences and ended up collecting around Rs 18.3crore
The Budget of the movie is 45Crores, Sold For-45Crores, Loss- 26.7Crores.

5. Akhil

Akhil the debut movie of Akhil Akkineni as a lead hero came up with a huge buzz in the theatres. But, the fantasy factor in the film failed to create the required connect and it reportedly ended up collecting Rs 20crore.
The Budget of the movie is 48Crores, Sold For- 48.5Crores, Loss- 28.5Crores.

6. Brahmotsavam

Brhamotsavam is Mahesh babu movie, It had high hopes running around it but it failed miserably at the box office, Audiences and critics panned the content of the film and if reports are to be taken into consideration, It managed to collect around 36Crores.

Budget of the movie is 45Crores, Sold For- 70.6Crores, Loss- 34.6Crores.

7. Sardar Gabbar Singh

Sardar Gabbar Singh had high hopes bestowed on it and the huge pre-release business that it received stand as a proof. However, the Pawan Kalyan starrer failed to keep up the reputation of its prequel and reportedly ended up collecting just Rs 52.6 crore.

The Budget of the movie is 40Crores and it is sold for 99Crores Loss 46.4Crores.

8. Agnyaathavasi

This movie is Pawan Kalyan Starrer had everything in it to be a block buster. the hype backfired the film as it ended up becoming a very ordinary film. If reports are to be believed, the film which fetched huge theatrical rights ended up doing a business of just Rs 57 crore.

Budget of the movie is 70Crores, Sold For- 124.6Crores, Loss Of 67.6Crores.

9. Prasthanam

Based on a rural political drama, Prasthanam was a visionary political tale about how a society runs around the reins of a political power. Unfortunately, the concept didn’t travel well into marketing, and despite relatively good reviews, the film was a box office failure for Deva Katta. It grossed a mere Rs 6 crore worldwide on an estimated Rs 4 crore budget. Prior to its release, ‘Prasthanam’ was one of the most anticipated releases of the year, but despite its remarkable performances, the story felt disjointed and uneven, which led to a disappointing box office run.

10. Neninthe

Neninthe is arguably one of the beloved Telugu movies. Hence, adapting the issues of the film industry for a big screen film was no ordinary task. There was a lot of anticipation and hype surrounding the project, unfortunately, the end result was not what everyone expected. On a bloated Rs 22 crore budget, Puri Jagannadh’s Neninthe grossed only Rs 35 crore worldwide. Although the film has Ravi Teja putting up a wonderful performance as an assistant director who desires to become a director, it was a failure, both critically and commercially.

Do you know?

Ayyare is also one of the most disastrous telugu movie of all time!

Directed by Sagar K Chandra, Ayyare was the story of an ATM security guard who turns into a Swamiji to save his ill daughter. Starring Rajendra Prasad, Sivaji, Sai Kumar, Ali, Venu Madhav, among others, the movie was the first of its kind in such genre. Although some fans enjoyed the movie, Ayyare was critically panned, which didn’t help its box office success. Enough to say, that the makers did not receive a favourable return-on-investment and considered a box office dud.

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