Thank You CM Sir & Forest rights to tribal people

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Village and ward Employee federation Chief Executive Officer and MD Jhony Pasha on Monday announced that they are going to hold program THANK YOU CM SIR at every village and ward secretary office on 2nd October for bringing social and welfare schemes to the doors of people and forming the Village and Ward secretary system, filling the govt vacancies of 1.34 lakhs.

We know that AP Govt. created the Village and Ward Secretary system on 2nd October last year. 

To acknowledge and to thank the CM For having filled the vacancies, The employee federation has decided to conduct the program known as THANK YOU CM SIR. AP Govt has declared that they will announce the notification and fill Govt vacancies every year. 

AP Govt as part of creating more jobs and removing unemployment, AP CM YS Jagan has announced filling vacancies of around 1.40 lakh jobs across the state in every sector in last year.     

Forest rights to Tribal people on Gandhi Jayanthi

Vijayawada Collector on Monday made an announcement that he is going to give 96.98 acres of forest rights to tribal people on 2nd October as part of Gandhi Jayanthi.

He announced on Monday at the guest house that the forest rights and its related documents to be distributed to tribal people. The tribal people who are residing in villages of Reddy Gudem, Sunkollu, Jangam Gudem, Annerao Peta, Bathhulavaari Gudem will be given land rights.

The tribal people are relying on forests for their livelihood. Still, there are few people who have applied for forest land rights that will be scrutinized. The District Collector has directed the forest and tribal welfare department authorities to identify the beneficiaries for assigning land rights.

Joint collectors K Madhavilatha, Mohan Kumar, district tribal welfare officer M Rukmondayya, and more joined in this meeting.

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