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Mammootty’s Puzhu Telugu Dubbed Movie: The long-awaited film ‘Puzhu,’ featuring Malayalam Superstar Mammootty, has finally arrived on SonyLiv. Mammootty has been working on several projects, one of which is Puzhu. The trailer for Puzhu has piqued our interest because it appears to be quite unique. As we all know, Mammootty has been making experimental films since the beginning of his career. Puzhu will surely go down in history as one of the most daring films ever made. So, let’s take a closer look at Puzhu to determine if it’s a film worth viewing.

Mammootty's Puzhu Telugu Dubbed Movie


Puzhu’s story depicts the typical bond between a strict father and a mentally sick child. On the other side, he is researching a case that will change the course of his life.

Cast & Crew

Puzhu is a Tamil film directed by Ratheena and starring Mammootty and Parvathy Thiruvothu, with cinematography by Theni Eswar, music by Jakes Bejoy, and production by S George. SonyLiv is funding it.

Cast Leads Mammootty and Parvathy Thiruvothu
Producer S George
Written byHarshad
MusicJakes Bejoy
DOPTheni Eswar

Movie Verdict

Puzhu is a one-of-a-kind picture in terms of treatment and how newcomer director Ratheena handled it. Despite being a crime thriller, the film investigates how human bonds change in different situations. Puzhu is the personal and professional journey of a single guy.
Malayalam films are notorious for being slow-paced, and Puzhu is no exception, yet the rich character design and bleak tale kept you interested throughout. The pairing of Mammootty and Parvathy is the best part of the film; they share screen space for the first time.
Mammootty can play any role, and he does so with ease in this film as a harsh father and a spy. Parvathy is fantastic as always, and the rest of the cast did well.
Puzhu is one of the most well-written stories in recent memory, and filmmaker Ratheena made an excellent job of portraying how children become mentally disturbed when their parents are abusive.
Theni Eswar’s dark pictures and extreme close-ups immerse you in the world of Puzhu, while Jakes Bejoy’s music is one of the primary highlights; his background music added to the film’s tension.
Finally, Puzhu is a film that must be seen rather than described. The film is currently available on SonyLiv in Telugu; go see it; you will appreciate it.

Movie Rating: 3.5/ 5

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