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There are lot more Piracy websites which are quite popular amongst their users. Some of them date back till 2013 as well. These Piracy websites have become quite an headache to the government, to all the cinema industry as well. Just like Movierulz and other websites, There is a very popular website which is called Isaimini. Lets see about this website in detail.


Isaimini Tamil Movies 2022
Isaimini Tamil Movies 2022

Isaimini is the home for downloading all the southern Indian Movies, This website is known for a huge collection of Telugu, and Tamil Movies. The website has been in business right from 2015 and it has been one of the most popular websites, This website also has started working on Telegram as well, They leak the latest movies on the app as well. 

How to Download Movies from ISAIMINI?

Just like all the piracy websites, Isaimini is also runs on the basis of the torrent. All you have to do is search for your favorite movie on the website, and then you will see the third party links for streaming the movie on your device and magnet torrent links for downloading the movie. To download the movie, You need to have Utorrent software on your device.

What are the categories included in ISAIMINI Website?

This website contains various latest movies, web series, Reality shows, and other content as well on its website. 

In this website you will find all the movies right from 2015 to 2022, Almost every movie is available in HDRIP, The latest releases come in Camera RIP because the movie is recorded from the theatre screen. There are different resolutions as well available in this website and they are 480p, 720p, 1080p, HDRIP, Blu-Ray and Cam-RIP

Available Genres in ISAIMINI.

Isaimini is a treat for the users, They can find all the movies based on different genres. Even the website has categorized the movies based on the genres quite nicely. So here are the available Genres in Isaimini Website:

  • Horror Movies
  • Drama Movies
  • Romance Drama Movies
  • Action Thriller Movies
  • Sci-Fi Movies
  • Thriller Movies
  • Sports Drama Movies
  • Mystery Thriller Movies
  • Comedy Movies

Latest Movies that are leaked on ISAIMINI:

As mentioned above, This website has been leaking many movies even before the release of the movie in theatres. Even though the website has been blocked by the government, But with the help of VPN and other software, The website has got back online and leaked the movies. Here are the latest movies leaked by Isaimini:

  • Mosagallu
  • Chaavu Kaburu Challaga
  • Sashi
  • Jathi Rathanalu
  • Sreekaram
  • Gaali Sampath
  • Naandhi
  • Kapatadhaari
  • Justice League Synder Cut
  • The girl on the train.
  • Zombie Reddy(HD Print)
  • Aranya 
  • Teddy
  • Rang De and many others

ISAIMINI Alternative Sites

Just like Movierulz, and Tamil Rockers. Isaimini is quite a popular website, If the website is blocked by the government. It may take some time to get back online, So if you want to see another website then here are the alternative sites:

ISAIMINI Blocked Links.

Because this website has leaked many movies online from many years, The government and the cinema industry have put restrictions on this website. Here are the blocked links of this website:

  • Isaimini.Cf

How to watch Telugu Movies Online Legally?

To watch the Telugu Movies Online Legally, There are many wonderful sources which provide wonderful entertainment to their users. Some of them are free, and some of them are open for subscription. Entertainment should happen in a good way, Choosing Piracy websites for the source of entertainment is not at all good. These genuine platforms are called OTT Platforms and there are so many of them which are proving to be the best of the best

ISAIMINI Legal Alternative Sites

Ever since the pandemic has troubled the people whole world, Many businesses including theatres and others have shut down completely. Even the movie industry has faced huge losses because of this, many movies opted for the OTT Releases as well. But as now, the theatres are open with 100% occupancy, The movies are back in theatres and after few days they releasing in OTT Platforms. Even in midst of all these people are choosing Piracy websites as a source of entertainment. That shouldn’t be the case, Here we are providing Legal Alternative websites:

Is it legal to watch or download movies from ISAIMINI:

No it is definitely not legal to watch or download the movies from Isaimini, Even though this website may have a huge collection of your favorite movies. But your data and device are in complete risk, Your data may be stolen by the hackers and other malware as well. So it is quite better to stay away from these kind of websites.

Final Words:

We don’t promote Piracy and even we consider this is a crime. So we are trying to spread awareness amongst our followers and readers not to support Piracy. Say NO to piracy.


We don’t promote Piracy and even we consider this is a crime. So we are trying to spread awareness amongst our followers and readers not to support Piracy. This is an act of crime and punishable offense as well. There can be serious effect of the piracy and your device might be in danger because of the website’s indulgence with third party websites and apps.

So don’t encourage them and watch the movies in theatres, If you feel it is risky then wait for the movie to release on OTT Platform or wait for the movie to telecast on Television.

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