All AP Government schemes of YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy

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AP Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme 2020

Under this scheme, the AP government will provide 100% Fee Reimbursement to students from poor category. The main features of this scheme are:

The Fee of students belonging to Scheduled casts, Tribes, Backward Classes, Minorities, and Economically backward classes will be reimbursed totally.

Any student annual family income is less than 2.5lakhs is eligible for this scheme.

This fee reimbursement will be available for students pursuing B.Tech, B.Pharmacy, M.Tech, M.Pharmacy, MBA, MCA, BED and other courses.

AP YSR Aarogyasri Scheme

The AP government has decided to provide medical services to people under YSR Aarogyasri Scheme. The main features of this scheme are:

AP YSR Aargoyasri scheme provides universal health coverage to lower and middle class familities who cannot afford to pay medical bills.

The benefits of this scheme are free. This scheme will provide coverage up 2.5lakhs for each family per year.

AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will personally monitor this scheme. Any individual whose annual income is less than 5lakhs can benefits of this scheme.

AP YSR Asara Scheme 2020 for Women SHGs

Everything aYSR Arogya Asara Scheme

In this scheme, The government will reimburse outstanding loans of SHGs. The AP YSR Asara Scheme will ensure that women are not forced to go back to take loans at higher interest rates once again, The amount given under Asara Scheme can also be used for their future purposes as well. If they have repaid their loan already, The government will stick to its routine of reimbursing the total outstanding loan.

Read more about Asara Scheme here:

AP YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

AP Government is planning to launch a new scheme for famers i.e: YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme. This scheme for people who are migrant workers who have returned from their working state and facing job problems because of the pandemic.

AP YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme – Full Details

So this scheme will provide jobs to those migrants, They would be able to work in agricultural fields in their native state itself.

AP YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme

YSR pension kanuka scheme privides pension amount of Rs 250 Per annum. In the fourth year, The pension amount would be Rs 3,000p.m.

The senior citizens, widows, weavers, fishermen, Single women are now getting Rs 2,250.

The disabled people will be paid a monthly pension amount of Rs 3,000.

For chronic diseases patients, The pension amount has been increased to somewhere between 3,500 to 10,000.

AP YSR Jagananna Colonies Scheme

15 Lakhs House Constructions will be started by this Sankranthi

In this scheme, The state government will allot 1 to 1.5 cent of land with documents to beneficiaries in urban and rural areas. Each beneficiary will also get land documents which would permit them to construct homes. 

It is reported that around 60K beneficiaries were identified in the entire district and 10K applications are still under consideration.

AP Government has also proposed to allot one and half cent of the land to beneficiaries in rural areas.

Around 750 Layouts and plots were formed in the entire kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.

AP Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

In this scheme, the state government will install 4lakh LED street lights. The motive is to protect environment, reduction of dark sports and ensuring women safety.

LED street lights does have not filaments, so they do not burn our quickly.

There are no toxic chemicals in LED street lights.

Maintenance Costs will be low and lesser heat production will be the major reason.

LED lights would consume little energy while providing lighting on streets, This would result in ensuring safety of women on roads.

The new LED lights will be installed which will have improved color rendering compared to other street lamps.

AP YSR Sampoorna Poshan Scheme

In this scheme, The state government will provide healthy food to tribal pregnant women, new mothers and poor children.  

A Budget of Rs 308crores have been allocated for this scheme.

Eggs, milk and other healthy foods will be provided to children between 3 to 6 years of age.

The government will spend Rs 1100/month to provide diet to pregnant women. 

Pregnant women and infants will get nutritious diets, Around 3lakh tribal women and children would be covered through different anganwadi centers.

AP Agriculture Electricity Cash Transfer Scheme

YSR Jala Kala – Free Borewell To Farmers In AP

In this scheme, The state government will spend an estimated amount of Rs 1500crores for installation of small meters for agriculture power connections. This scheme is specially for farmers to provide free power.

In this new scheme, AP Agriculture Electricity transfer scheme, farmers will have open to their bank accounts. In this accounts, government will credit monthly power bill amount. Then Farmers have to pay the monthly power charges to their respective power distribution company.

Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pump Sets Scheme

In this scheme, All the new agriculture connections will be completely dependent on solar power. The state government will provide solar pumpsets which have capacity of 3 HP and 5 HP. This will ensure daytime power for efficient irrigation to farmers.

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